Why Hierbas

why is its aroma so distinctive
when compared to other herb liqueurs?

Born of a unique terrain, the countryside of Ibiza and Formentera - with its rich diversity of microclimates - provides the specific quantities of minerals and moisture that lend its aromatic plants their excellent properties. This means that the wild aromatic plants and those cultivated on Ibiza and Formentera have properties that have a unique effect on the human body.

Our Story

Master artisans since 1880

For more than 130 years Familia Marí Mayans has been dedicated to researching aromatic plants and making high quality and tasty liqueurs.

These are the result of tests and knowledge, studied and passed on from generation to generation, always using the artisan techniques of yesteryear, a sure seal of tradition and quality.

At the end of the 19th century, the first spirits industry of the Balearic Islands emerged in Formentera. As is well known, at that time many of the people living on Formentera worked fishing, growing food and keeping livestock. But one of these, Juan Mari Mayans, around the year 1880, had other ideas and with his llaüt he travelled over and back from Barcelona supplying the island with objects and utensils not found there. He knew the secrets of the still and how to distil alcohol.

Juan Marí Mayans, had a keen interest in aromatic and medicinal plants and studied their properties, later developing an interest in distilling drinks and liqueurs. He carefully collected formulae and recipes from past centuries. It is thanks to this and the in-depth studies he carried out on the effects and benefits of the aromatic plants of the island that we can enjoy the liqueurs produced today by Familia Mari Mayans

In 1997, the Hierbas Ibicencas geographical designation was approved, affording the geographical name a level of protection, guaranteeing the quality of the product and preventing unfair competition.
Hierbas Ibicencas is synonymous with the name Familia Mari Mayans.


with Ibiza

Enjoy the drink

Hierbas ibicencas is a traditional drink, to be enjoyed in a wine or shot glass - and in good company - to finish off a lunch or dinner. It is the most popular shot in Ibiza and Formentera. Nowadays, as tradition evolves, it is becoming more and more popular in cocktails and as the perfect accompaniment to various mixed drinks.

A drink growing in popularity

The original Hierbas Ibicencas recipe is famous the world over. It is one of the fastest-growing drinks on the late night scene where Familia Mari Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas is becoming more and more popular in the clubs, nightclubs and top restaurants of the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom, served as a frozen shot or in a shot glass, in a mixed drink or on ice.
Important companies in many countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, France, Australia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Japan) have asked to distribute and promote Familia Mari Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas.

Ibiza and music

Hierbas Ibicencas,
Ibiza and music

This trio is growing in popularity. All parts are integral to it, forming an important movement, a way of life.
Ibiza - one of the world's top tourist destinations - with its beautiful beaches, its relaxed tranquil countryside and its famous nightlife and wild, endless summers.
The quintessential capital of electronic music. A trendsetter where the best artists live and play - djs, vocalists, gogos, etc. Several recording studios and radio stations specialising in electronic music (Ibiza Global Radio,
Ibiza Sonica, etc) and many of the world's top clubs for quality and performance.

Mojito Payes

Mojito Payes


Mojito Payes

(Libbey glass, a lot of ice)

• 5 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas, 26%
•1 lime
•1 tablespoon of raw sugar
6 sprigs of fresh mint

Lime chopped and crushed with sprigs of mint and raw sugar in a glass. Pour Hierbas and carbonated water over ice cubes and give a quick stir with the spoon in the glass.


Oro Oscuro

(Tall glass, ice cubes)

5 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas
1 cl Lemon Juice

Fill with ginger ale or ginger beer and decorate with the lime.


Toni Manzana

(Glass filled with crushed ice)

5 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas, 26%
5 cl apple juice (naturtrüb)
2 cl sugar water
2 cl Lemon Juice

Shake in a cocktail shaker with lots of crushed ice then pour into a glass and decorate with slices of apple.



(Tall glass)

5 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas, 26%
1 cl Lemon Juice
5 cl green tea (Lipton and Arizona)
1 cl sugar water
6 sprigs of fresh mint

Shake (with mint leaves) in a cocktail shaker with a lot of ice, pour into a Manhattan glass and decorate with mint.


Sol y Oro


5 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas, 26%
5 cl freshly squeezed orange juice

Fill with Cava, give it a quick shake and you're done!



(martini glass)

4 cl Marí Mayans Hierbas Ibicencas, 26%
5 cl Cranberry Juice
1 cl Lime Juice
1 cl sugar water

Shake in cocktail shaker with abundant ice, then serve in a martini glass and decorate with orange peel. Done!

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